Our Brand

Wellkin Hospital, a new name in healthcare with a new purpose, gives us an exciting opportunity to share our expertise as world-class healthcare providers.

The two hearts in our logo represent human connections – and the trust and relationships that develop between our patients and us. It further represents the strength of our medical expertise, linked with the emphasis we put on “care”.

Wellkin Hospital’s tagline “All for Life” means that everything we do is for life, in pursuit of the best outcomes. Technology, expertise, team work and investment come together to enhance lives.

Our new name: Wellkin is the association of “Well” and “kin”. “Well” speaks for itself. It’s what we all strive to be… “kin” – another word for family reminds us that we are one big family and that we care for all our patients and our hospital family as if they were our own. We grow together, we support and we inspire each other.
Because that’s what families do.


Achieve excellence in healthcare to enhance people’s lives.

Because we give the best we have, we seek better solutions, create more choices and offer higher value for the well-being of our patients, our practitioners, their families and communities.


Deliver best-in-class medical services with passionate care.

Through this, we hope to transform lives, offer hope and achieve extraordinary outcomes.